Care Coordination

Disease & Case Management

Receiving a diagnosis of diabetes, high blood pressure or any other chronic condition can be overwhelming and challenging. PrimeTime Health Plan offers a Disease and Case Management program to help you get the care, information and community services you need. Our programs and services work together to help you manage your health and make life easier for you.

You may benefit from case management services if you are:

  • In need of a transplant
  • A newly diagnosed cancer patient
  • Experiencing complex medical issues
  • Receiving specialty care outside of the network

The program provides:

  • Phone calls with a nurse
  • Informative mailings and handouts about your condition
  • Equipment such as the Cardiocom TelescaleĀ® and GlucoCom Telemonitoring System
  • A dedicated staff to guide you in the right direction and help you work with your health care team
  • Reliable referrals to out of network specialists and service agencies
  • Free educational classes and seminars for various conditions
  • Help with transitioning your care to panel providers, if appropriate
  • Care coordination to maximize your plan benefits while maintaining quality, cost-effective treatment

Speak to a disease management nurse or a case manager by calling the Service Center - numbers and hours listed below

Last updated: 7/23/2014